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Welcome to GameNews Entertainment! What we are trying to do is list all the games that we can and talk about them. So if the game has an update we shall talk about the update! I am the only one working on this BUT if you would like to join email me at We will not ban people if they're a little bit rude. But if they keep doing it please email me or report it to me on my profile. If worse comes to worse we will ban. Note that we will never do a permanent ban! This is also a kids wiki so please do not say swears. If you say one on accident We will not put a warning on you. We will just say please try not to swear. Have fun!

Some games you should check out:Edit

Want to see some hot games and games that are currently on sale? Check all these popular game titles of 2015! The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a massive open world RPG game where you play as the one and only fearless Geralt of Rivia. Halo 5: Guardians: Is the future of gaming. It's supposed to come out on Oct. 27 but it is a slight chance it could be delayed by a couple of weeks. It is the return of Master chief and of course, epic space guns! But what really brought the community up about Halo 5 is that it's the first game in it's series to have a T+ rated game! Dying Light: Is an open world first person shooter horror game. With of course zombies. Fight an infested world with zombies, and traitors. And I thought Aliens were now popular :/ The future of gaming starts here.

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WoW wrath of the lich king expansion pack.

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